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NoteCase Pro v. 4.3.1 released

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Posted by Marbux
Aug 6, 2017 at 08:49 PM


Notecase Pro v4.3.1 desktop edition has just been released.
Downloads are now available at http://www.notecasepro.com/download.php

Major changes in this release:
- new builds for Debian 9, Mageia 6
- add support for Gstreamer v1.x
- add: port code to support building with OpenSSL 1.1
- add: proxy support for sync operation, note that not all proxy servers support SSL (used by sync)
- add: show “Settings” button in the error message box when you try to synchronize document, but you did not define sync server settings or connection failed
- add: add right-click menu actions “Sync All from Local to Remote” and “Sync All from Remote to Local” to sync summary dialog to manually override change directions
- add: Lua method Nc_App_List_Col_GetByIdx was modified to return the column width info as well
- add: new Lua method Nc_App_EventScripts_FindByPath to find script associated by some event, knowing the script’s path/entry
- add: new Lua method Nc_Env_IsModKeyPressed to test if any particular modifier key is pressed (Shift, Ctrl, Alt)
- add: faster Word Count operation, make the progress linear instead of indeterminate
- add: importing huge RTF with many big pictures is now 6x faster when importing into .ncdb/.ncde document and using drastically less memory to do it
- add: import now imports directly into target document (before it imported everything into memory and if success merged later into target), this uses much less memory when importing in .ncdb/.ncde; also if the document being imported is corrupted in the middle, you’ll be able to import the 1st part at least (with old algorithm it was “all or nothing”)
- add: new Lua method to sync any particular (single) document: Nc_Sync_SyncDocument
- fix: sync server can return “400 bad request” error when syncing document where note moved to a new parent and old parent got deleted
- fix: moving note to the right causes other expanded nodes to collapse
- fix: undo issue when deleting character in the note
- fix: correctly detect that the document file is read-only using ACL related APIs on Windows.
- fix: possible hyperlink move after text delete undo action
- fix: NcSyncServer may not sync .ncdb document correctly without the license key installed, fixed by making the server exit if license is missing
- fix: typing speed should be faster, Lua automated typing test shows speed increased from 1314 to 3829 letters/second
  (note though that speedup of synthetic test may not map to equal speedup in real situation)
- fix: improve read-only detection when loading document file on Windows (read-only file could trigger invalid “File is loaded in another instance of the program” message)
- fix: 100% CPU usage when waiting for password on Linux
- fix: possible crash when closing the last document tab
- fix: hard-to-reproduce case when pasting RTF to note caused the next character after the pasted content to become bold
- fix: possbile format/hyperlink move when merging note content changes using “Merge document” operation; formatting/link/text/picture changes were merged into single change
- fix: when merging two documents, notes that did not exist in our document were added to the end of document, instead of trying to add it under the same parent note
- fix: “Title” column width in Tree Pane might shrink when repeatedly closing and loading documents
- fix: do not scroll to bottom of the text by default for each new selected note
- fix: prevent reported sync server crash on FreeBSD (ignore SIGPIPE signal)
- fix: event after_note_inserted was not fired if a clone of a note is created
- help file updates (work by Paul Merrell and Daniel Hertrich)
- Croatian translation updated
- Chinese Traditional translation updated (work by Richard Sun)
- Finnish translation updated (work by Ville Pilviö)
- French translation updated (work by Jeff Malka)
- Chinese translation updated (work by Stephen Zhu)
- Dutch translation updated (work by William Ouwehand)
- German translation updated (work by Marcus Hennig)

For detailed change list see: http://www.notecasepro.com/history.php
Note that several builds for “End of life” distros were removed (Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 24, OpenSUSE 13.1, Mandriva).


Posted by Paul Korm
Aug 8, 2017 at 11:01 AM


Is there an iOS version on the horizon?  I’ve always hesitated from purchasing NoteCase because it is not “cross-platform” in the Apple universe.


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