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"ExtraInfo" -- a links between note taking apps

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jul 8, 2017 at 12:47 AM


A little weekend project for anyone needing a geek fix:  a macOS service from Brett Terpstra - “ExtraInfo”


“The ExtraInfo service brings the features of the TaskPaper script ExtraInfo to any app you’re editing text in. It runs as a macOS Service that you can run with a shortcut key on highlighted text containing an “info link” and a note will be opened (and created if needed). You can expand on ideas inside mind map nodes, link notes to tasks in OmniFocus, link notes in nvALT to MindNode maps, and so on. It functions like a big multi-app wiki. Anywhere you can type text, you can link additional information in any format you need.

You can define different “types” for notes, so you can store your info in an OmniOutliner outline, an nvALT note, or even an iThoughts or MindNode mind map, and have different types of notes for different scenarios. Almost any application that stores its documents on your disk can be a note hub.”


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