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CRIMP Defined




Dynalist - formerly Omniflow, an alternative to WorkFlowy

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jul 12, 2017 at 03:49 PM


Appreciate the info.  I signed up with Dynalist and set my Outlinely subscription to cancel when the paid-up period ends.  I like the integration with Google calendar—even though it’s not (yet?) a two-way sync.

From a personal utility perspective—I was willing to pay Dynalist more per year than what Day One is demanding, because I perceive I’m actually receiving a service for the money from Dynalist, instead of paying extortion to Day One to retain access to my data.  Perception is everything when it comes to CRIMPing I suppose.

Luhmann wrote:
Thanks for the heads up. I paid for one year. Right now I’m on the
>fence. For me Outlinely is better on iOS, but Dynalist is better on the
>desktop. Right now I’m subscribed to both and I’ll see where things are
>at in 6 months to a year before deciding which one to drop…


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