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Address book for iPod Touch and iPad, possibly with desktop client

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Posted by Dr Andus
Sep 19, 2012 at 12:38 PM


Does anyone have a suggestion for a good app to replace the native Contacts app on the iPod Touch? If there is also an iPad version, even better, and a destop app (for PC) would be a bonus.

My Contacts in iPod Touch and iPad sync with Gmail Contacts and its an unusable jungle of hundreds of duplicate, triplicate etc. contacts in both (iPod or Gmail) of them. In some cases there are 8 different versions of a contact that somehow multiplied through being synced over the years. Instead, I still use TealPhone 4 on my Palm TX, where everything is manual and I’m in complete control of the content. But I’d like to let go of my Palm finally…

I have looked in the App Store and there are hundreds of apps but I can’t seem to find just a basic Contacts or Address Book app where I would be in control of the data, rather than Apple and Google doing funky automatic things to it. One problem is that many of these apps were designed for the iPhone and they are focusing on making calls and pulling in social media feeds. I don’t want any social media content in there or fancy photos. The simpler the list, the better.

Alternatively if there are any suggestions for cleaning the Contacts data and managing the Gmail sync (without any risk of losing important data), I’d be thankful.


Posted by Foolness
Sep 19, 2012 at 02:19 PM


Not exactly cheap and I haven’t tried it but despite being sold as a CRM someone from Hacker News stated this is better as a contact manager.



Posted by Dr Andus
Sep 19, 2012 at 02:53 PM


Foolness wrote:
>Not exactly cheap and I haven’t tried it but despite being sold as a CRM someone from
>Hacker News stated this is better as a contact
> >http://highrisehq.com/why

Thanks for that. Highrise looks like an interesting service but the iPhone app is absolutely slated by users in the App Store. I would primarily need an iPhone/iPod Touch app, the desktop (or web) version would be mostly for back-up.


Posted by Ken
Sep 19, 2012 at 03:18 PM


IMHO, you are correct in that Apple’s Contacts is not up to the task.  My address contacts were originally managed by Ecco and then duty was shared with the Palm desktop.  When my set-up changed, GMail became my primary repository of contact information.  Unfortunately, GMail and Contacts do not play together as well as I would like.  I know that Pocket Informant HD has a contacts tab, but I beleive that it, like many other iPad programs, uses the same database as Contacts.  I am guessing, but I think that what is needed is a program that has its own database, or uses GMail’s.  Perhaps Pocket Informant’s new web sync supports contacts?  Alternately, I know that Plaxo has been around for some time, but I find them to be a bit much for my needs.  So, I have tried to rely on my GMail account as the primary respository for the time being.  I would be curious to know what you discover in your search, so it would be great if you share your findings.

Good luck,



Posted by Ken
Sep 19, 2012 at 03:20 PM


I forgot to mentione that DateBk has some new products out for Windows and the web.  Perhaps contacts were also addressed in the new versions?



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