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MWeb for Mac users

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Jan 11, 2017 at 01:32 PM


In principle, MWeb uses iCloud, but in practice, I’m having difficulty making the MWeb folder visible on my Mac (it’s created by the iOS app when you specify “Use iCloud” and “Set up Library”). Good old Documents by Riddle can see the MWeb folder, but my Mac can’t, meaning I can’t transfer my MWeb for Mac library to the relevant iCloud folder (as described on the MWeb blog). No doubt the developer will sort that out in the near future; the iOS app is only at version 1.0.

TextNut is another good Markdown editor with Mac/iOS apps, and is relatively flexible (I believe it uses iCloud and Dropbox). And it’s not a subscription app, unlike Bear or Outlinely. It also has the unusual distinction of being able to manage notes EITHER as rich-text notes OR as Markdown notes; you can take your pick.

But if you can bear to subscribe, Bear is probably the best Markdown app out there, using iCloud fast and seamlessly with almost zero delays in sync. Other all-in-one solutions (i.e. with note libraries) include Letterspace and Ulysses (both with very fast sync functions).

Finally, there are plenty of capable single-file solutions such as ByWord and iaWriter. But like yourself, I prefer note-management solutions rather than single-file solutions.