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CRIMP Defined




Happy New Year

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jan 1, 2017 at 09:49 PM


Thank you Steve, and the rest of the community here.  I’ll second those sentiments.

In 2017 I am looking forward to advancing the cause of CRIMPing with

Curio 11

TheBrain 9—with hopes for a more fully-featured iOS version than what has been on offer to date

Clarity about ConnectedText’s future (is there one?)

OmniOutliner 5

A saner model for subscription software ($25/year for a non-crippled version of Outlinely on iOS is very off-putting, in my opinion)—i.e., subscriptions equate to a stream of actual feature improvements, not just software rental.

Quiver for iOS (finally)

and more?