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A change in mindset made me drop a lot of my tools

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Posted by Larry_in_Bangkok
Jun 22, 2022 at 03:47 PM


My comment here asks,
*How can we make information stores more of a flow than just a “static” store?*

Dellu wrote:
> I am sharing my experience here because some people might find a
> motivation to get down to the actual production: rather collecting
>endless notes and information with no clear end result in the sight.

... Yes, indeed!

>I think thinking hard on ” what is my the ultimate purpose” is the most
>important thing before being lured into any flashy and fashionable tool/gadget.

... Yes, again.

... Thank you, Dellu for this valuable, thought-provoking thread.
I hope you’ll offer more of your thinking and your progress on these topics.

> I used to collect a lot of cool ideas: planning to use them one day. 
> Worst of all, I dislike them once sufficient time passes.

... Planning to use when??
And where??
Any bit of Information increases in value if we add “when” and “where” (project).
What are productive ways to do that?

... What about expiry dates for automatic deletion?
“If not used/updated by 1 January 2023 then DELETE.”
Or WARN of pending deletion.

... And “where/project” deletion, also.
I had lots of information bits and half-written articles about expat living in a foreign culture.
Then my publisher changed his business focus about the time I changed my writing focus.
Instead of deleting those ideas one at a time, how to delete that entire “macro” category.
Wipe that slate clean.

> - My interest has changed
> - My focus has changed
> - My philosophy has changed
> most of the cool ideas I had a few years ago are no more cool.
> Knowledge is highly transient stuff.

... Valuable perspective.
*So how do you make your information stores MORE transient, MORE of a flow, to coincide with the nature of knowledge, rather than just a “static store”?*


steve-rogers wrote:
> I have tried to pare down my tools as much as possible

... Instead of paring down tools, I would be interested to hear how you pare down your information;
How you focus on the important, the profitable, the critical items.