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Agenda versus NotePlan

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Posted by Captain CowPie
Feb 11, 2020 at 08:54 PM


That is the big flaw for me too, unless I am also missing something. In fact, the saved searches do not work correctly on tasks stored in notes.

I have emailed Eduard about this a few times and he recognizes the problem and has promised to correct it. If I hadn’t seen so many updates and fixes from him I may not be using NotePlan now either.

I have recently started putting most of my tasks in the calendars, whereas I used to store them in separate files by project. But it became too difficult reschedule tasks inside of notes.I plan on moving everything back to the notes once a fix is made. But it is a small short term price for me for the amount of features I have been receiving.

It just seems that the emphasis is on people who store tasks in calendar files, not notes. I expect that to change in the near future.

The other challenge I have is finding my scheduled tasks easily in the notes. Some updates have made that easier, but I always thought having the ability to sort tasks in notes by scheduled date would be helpful.

Prion wrote:

>Am I doing something wrong here? I hear you say I should perhaps just
>get more done and reschedule less but that is hardly a valid argument in
>these circles, right?